Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Warehouse

Sha, Nick, Hian Foo and I took a stroll at St. Nicholas Market in the afternoon, walked around Bristol, went to Broadmead and all. Hell, even I could guide him LOL We had lunch at the food court in The Galleries. Damn nice weather today, sunshine was there :)
For dinner we went to Mayflower!! Vicky and Juls joined in. Hmmmm the food is very authentic and because Hian Foo doesnt get them in Brighton, he was really delighted. Its Saturday today meaning club night LOL We didnt want Oceana because it was gonna be real packed so we opted for Baja Club! Unfortunately it was an event night and some tickets were required, we skipped it and went to The Warehouse instead!

Hehehe this drunk white guy enganged in a short episode with me. This was how it went:

White guy: Are you from China?
Me, hand in hand with Sha: Errr.. no
White guy: Well you look Chinese.. it aint MY fault. Its YOUR fault!! *English accent*

Me, hand in hand with Sha burst into laughter!

You see what kind of psycho we encounter! The Warehouse was good. Music wasnt too commercialised ones but overall good RnB/Hip Hop. Hian Foo was harassed in the toilet. Some guys flicked his hair, complimented "Niceeee" and then someone hit his ass or something. Stupid fella :) We had lots of fun, really. Khalid has been very generous and giving with me. We left pretty early, in fact before 2am. Came back and shisha-ed till morning LOL

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