Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Viceroy

Khalid sleeps alot during the day so I would usually hang out with Sha and Nick upstairs. Its true that I never knew that he hibernates LOL But I aint one bit surpriselahh. All these guys are pretty much the same when it comes to sleeping habits!

Sad that Hian Foo left Bristol today. Had to return to Sussex :( Only Sha and I walked him to the coach station. Hehehe he was worried that he might miss the bus because of us. After that, Sha and I went jalan-jalan. We bought clubbing tops :P Mine is pretty skimpy but it fits me (phew!) I am still looking for a belt. So nothing much basically, walked around, accompanied Sha to NatWest bank for money transfer and headed back to Favell House. Khalid was still in bed!! Stupid boy. He thinks that I am really blind to see anything in him. Ohh well :)

Sha and Nick didnt wanna dine out tonight. Since I came.. we have been eating out and spending quite a bit. I mean even though Khalid pays whenever we are out together, yet I am so bad with money that I have finished 150pounds myself! Ohh well. Juls, Khalid and I went to Park St. for Indian cuisine.

The Kashmiri dish I ordered with banana gravy was delicious. Khalid's Tikka Masala was yummy too except for Pork's Phall hehehee How to describe her dish, it was basically eating chilli powder LOL She asked for it what, Pork Chop is hilarious. When we came back, we watched a low-budget flick called Alone In The Dark. OMG. Supposedly a horror movie but we ended up laughing :P

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