Sunday, March 12, 2006

Time To Leave

Khalid planned that we would be out of Favell House at 745am. He set the alarm but guess what LOL It went off, no one heard but somehow I opened my house to check his hp (thank God) It was 747am! Imagine the shock- deja vu ehh!!

I panickly dumped whatever which was lying around into the bag and zipped it up. Where was Sasha? Her alarm even more whacked! Khalid called her, she claimed it was only 7am LOL I can die with friends like them! Anyway again we had to rush. Once we stepped out of the main entrance, Khalid's jaw dropped. It was snowing hehehee

My awestruck boyfriend was like "What the fuck, I am calling a cab". But before we made any step further, I realised we forgot the bear!! I cried for him to go upstairs for it. Sha, Nick and Khalid (with the bear nicely tucked in his jacket) met up with me at the junction. Luckily I spotted a cab hehehee The driver heard us talking about missing the bus, being late etc until he sped the red light LOL

At Malborough Bus Station, there was still time for hugs and kisses. Hmmmm of course I felt reluctant to board the fucking bus. Khalid.. Khalid :( Everyone's crossing their fingers real tight to see me again in near future. I know its gonna be hard for Khalid especially because as it is, he dislikes England and now that I have left- hes so gonna feel it. But hey, I am sure I will be back!

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