Friday, March 31, 2006

STAR Travel

I got my flight ticket to England this afternoon! If only I had known earlier, then I wouldnt be walking uphill all the time from M.Ohotnyei Ryd in the centre. They have a branch at PFU as well. Before I made the payment, I asked if theres an afternoon flight on the 6th May. Guess what. There is but I still took the morning flight on 7th anyway :P

Whacked timing, even with the National Express timetable too! Lets just keep our fingers crossed that Ill get to Bristol without any complcations!

I was soooo tired the entire day. Previous night I went over to Reena and Jason's. Of course with ulterior motives (like always LOL) Needed to use their credit card to purchase the ticket online what. Bloody bastards, raised the price to USD460. I was shocked! That was why I went back to Star Travel *embarassed* Surgery zacheot went well actually, phew! Dr.Metschev who conducted us was lenient, gave each of us a topic and I was unfortunate to get Thyroid Diseases :(

I told him to change the topic because I didnt wanna copy and not know shit. I must have missed the class plus its his specialty. He asked me to choose any topic I would like to discuss about. Cool, ehh! Then I went to the library for next cycle's books meaning Dermatology, Neurology and Obstetrics. Too bad I am only allowed to one subject because I forgot to return Surgery textbooks hehehehe So I chose Dermatology (damn ugly pictures)

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