Sunday, March 05, 2006

SSM Gathering

I cant believe Hian Foo, Sha, Chiew Seng and I had a mini gathering in UK! The meal we prepared was scrumptious. There were grilled chicken thigh (yours truly marinated it) with peri-peri chicken sauce, yummy mashed potato prepared by Ezlin, bacon carbonara @Hian Foo's style and another dish of mushroom spaghetti for Ezlin and Khalid. Ahhh Porks made hard boiled eggs as appetizers :)

Chiew Seng brought his good friend, CY over. I swear they could be twins. Both look alike, talk alike and finish off each other's sentences! What I learned about CY is that he is from Klang High School meaning hes Mervin's classmate!! So we bondedlahhh. Nice chap, really. We shisha-ed, played poker, yakked a lot and had mimimal booze. Im glad Khalid enjoyed himself. In fact he swept everyone's chips from poker hehehee

Ahhh after all these years. Come to think of it, SSM graduates of 2001 are good. Like ourselves for example, we already have 2 engineers, 1 lawyer and 1 doctor in the making! Hehehee we make fun of Pork Chop a lot. I mean we all prepared dinner together but because she had an apron on, all the credits went to her. She only placed the chicken into the oven and turned them once in a while!

Earlier today, we went uphill to Park Street actually. I wanted to get some iron-ons for my new jacket hehehe But lazy Europeans dont open on a Sunday :( Sha bought a nice paper lantern lamp for her room from Habitat. I really like this shopping bag (saw it the last time I was here) but never bought it. A bit too pricey for such item. Ezlin joined us as we were headed to Tesco for tonight's groceries. We purposely went to the park to watch Khalid and gang play football, Sha said hes very graceful when he runs LOL

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