Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Social Medicine

BORING! Thought what great subject I missed. Social Medicine it seems. The teacher is nice but seriously.. if I were less humane, I wouldnt mind missing the whole cycle. Surgery yesterday was alright. Tons of notes but Prof. Levkin didnt bother taking our attendance anyway!

Then we had Russian class. Another waste of time. We had to read a 5-page long front/back A4 size story about this slacker dude. I miss Khalid and everyone back in Bristol. We have been messaging each other and poor boy. Kept telling how empty the room feels without me. See I knew it! Of course I miss him too, walking together, them hugs and kisses and more than that :( I downloaded Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing last night. He played it all the time I was there until now when I play that song, it brings me back to Flat 5.3 A LOL

Guess what. I have the wildest idea of flying over again in April *wink*

Our annual Sports Day this year is in Kursk. I aint playing no netball, Reena too. Then they are not having atheletics meaning I wont get to run! Then why waste the chance?? I thought of it already actually. Its going to be TopoAnatomy and ENT cycle (fuck ENT). I would tell TopoAnatomy teacher I am going to Kursk for the weekend. Then 1st and 2nd of May are Labour Day hols, miss 3 days of class and another weekend would sum up 10days of escapade!

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