Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rainy Day

Khalid, Juls and I went to The Galleries for ice-cream today. It was fun. They have Baskin Robbins and Movenpick. We had Movenpick though, on waffle cones :) I got my belt from Peacocks hehehee But no sports shop there has netball. Too badlahh *sigh*

Hehehee Khalid was moaning about having to walk, getting out of bed, the cold etc How could someone be as lazy as he is?? But hes still soooo adorable! I love walking hand-in-hand with him and he holds me like a baby. I know he acts like this just to tease but my god. When Sha told me he announced that his sleep time is 10-12hours minimum, I nearly died LOL For dinner tonight, we decided to prepare grill chicken just like the other day. Only this time, mashed potato is on me! Im gonna add carrots into it- Reena's style!

Today was somewhat free and easy. No rush, very laidback and chill-ed. We wanted to watch a movie so Khalid brought me around, to his friends' flat to hunt for DVDs. I met his classmate Ivory who is from Bahamas, she was pleased to see me. I was surprised that she asked "Oohh is she your girl from Moscow?" hehehee Finally we got one from her flatmate (we dont even know who) Hehehee Rob Zombie's The Devil's Rejects!

Noooo I wasnt excited about the movie of course but luckily it aint as psychotic as The House Of 1000 Corpses. I didnt feel as disturbed. Nick was though (I feel ya!) Khalid watched until halfway then ciao-ed off for poker downstairs. After the movie ended, I looked for him in the kitchen. Stupid me should have accompanied him but I went into the room instead. Dunno why but maybe it was Rokas' eyes. Anyway we put an early nightcap. Oof. Time flies so fast and I can feel myself boarding the bus very soon :(

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