Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Prison Break

Holy cow! Ive got a brilliant series to stay awake for now. Its called Prison Break. Fooh! Damn the thriller, got me holding my breath and my seat often LOL Last night I watched it till 5am. Decided it was enough since I have Surgery today but I couldnt have gone anyways because I didnt know class started at 9am!

I was in bed when Quek called to ask how come I wasnt in class. Lucky isnt last class but Friday is. Word is, theres exam somemore for Gastrointestinal section. Sighhh. So instead, Paul and I went to Ashan for grocery shopping! Ahhh 2 weeks just flew by so quickly. We didnt get too much stuff but I got my favourite cheesecake called "Pancho" (somewhat the current fad in Moscow supermarkets)

Oohh the tickets to UK Round 3 is rather confirmed. Praveen gave me this excellent website at and you wouldnt believe its even cheaper compared to that bloody Star Travel. Unfortunately I must say that this trip, the time is a bit off but Khalid has been really comforting, assuring me that we will manage and all. Anything is worth it as long as I get to spend time with him! (even if Id be missing 4 classes of TopoAnatomy, my friends can term me Suicidal LOL)

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