Friday, March 10, 2006

Mmmm I Like

Its true. Why all the hassle when you can live on microwavable food? If only Russia supermarkets have them, I would stock them up like there's no tomorrow. Not to say it aint healthy what. Can prepare fresh greens for extra vitamins. AZDA and Tesco have huge varieties of them.. yummy!

Nick and Sha accompanied me to gather whatever I wanted to buy to bring back to Moscow. Nick left us on his own for a while to hunt for games/CDs or something. I wanted to get Khalid something so we checked out those teddy-beary card stores. There was a Brown Sugar bear which wrote "I Love You More Than Chocolate" but I got a Thank You card instead. I dont really know how to show my gratitude for everything he has done and given me. I would have handmade something for him but there isnt time left :(

Grabbed a few boxes of Mr.Kipling brownies and a dish called Lamb Gosh for tonight. I suggested we have Sha's saute spaghetti (my fav!) and Chicken Tikka hehehee Easy and yummy. Juls even prepared Chilli Brinjal as an extra. Dinner was easy, economic and delicious! I need to get jars of those Pesto's sauce with me. My best is goooood! We finally watched Madagascar together LOL Huge mistake! I couldnt stop penguin-slapping Khalid! :P

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