Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mauritian Moans

OMG. Khalid the Tropical Boy is damn upset with the cold LOL For me, its blissful at 4-6C and sunshine compared to Moscow! He whines about it and I would laugh in his face everytime. I slept in when he went to a short class. Sha had class too so I just hung out in the room, watched Dr.House for a bit (yes, I brought Disc 5 and 6 over because I couldnt finish on time!)

Later on we went to Azda! The somewhat hypermarket here. Juls, Vicky, Ezlin, Sha and I escorted by Khalid but the reason he came was to carry heavy loads :P He is soooo caring. Told me to buy whichever foodstuff I wanna eat and not to hesitate about it. I got my air ticket money from him right on from the ATM. Juls the Pork Chop bought a 2-week load of groceries and we had so many bags to carry! I chose microwaveable food just for emergency. The team bullies Khalid a lot LOL Of course I join them, a lot of bodily harm and abuse hehehee

Its been only 2 days and I can already announce that this trip is fucking worth it :)

Basically I dont really feel like doing much. Just wanna lay back, be with him and all. Sha totally knows I came here for Khalid. In fact, shes very happy for me *thanks, best!* I doubt we would be visiting anywhere else. We would go to the city, walk around, shop a bit and I rejected the suggestion of going down to London. Its enoughlahh. Can shop in Broadmead too what hehehee Just wanna be here, like Khalid said "12 days is long but NOT enough".

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