Sunday, March 12, 2006

Marbles Lost

You see, the whole of yesterday.. my best was trying to brainwash me into extending another week in Bristol LOL Khalid was quiet about it as if trying to accept the fact that I was already leaving. But while we were watching The Incredibles.. he asked "Must you really go?"

I smiled when I heard that. Finally. Stupid boy asking that line which I returned for. During the short period when we met, he begged me with that question and this time, he only asked once. When I demanded his explanation for this, he had this hurt look and said "Do you need me to tell you that.. stupid?". True. I know he would be damn happy if I did call Star Travel to change my flight date. Just pay 35pounds and the good times are priceless!

But unfortunately, I do know my responsibilities and I cant push it too far. Might as well miss the whole cycle right?

Khalid went mad. It wasnt the full moon but he just went mad LOL Made me surf for air tickets, then Nick took the seat, looking for the cheapest price! Sha gave me the guilt trip, Khalid kept begging, I was a bit shaken like 50/50 then 60/40 on staying but after I explained that my ticket could only be changed 24hours prior to flight date, they scolded me :P Told me to go!

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