Thursday, March 23, 2006

Left Behind

My visit to the hood was half pleasant/ half not. It was good to see Gulja again after 2 years. Unfortunately, shes ill with cold and cough. I baked a chocolate cake over. I have no idea what I did or said but my ex-bf's mum really likes me (its a rare thing)

But to be back in the apt made me slightly uncomfortable. I realised things which I didnt take with me are still right at where I left them- my bottle of shampoo, the recipe booklets, matching utensils, foodstuff which are definitely expired by now and even my toothbrush!

Of course, Gulja started the "talk" with me. I had to recap with the chain of events and it was hard for me. Especially when she made statements like "we were expecting you in Germany", "we were very sad to hear you two broke up" and more which I felt like shit after hearing. I nearly cried when she hugged me, said "Come back to us".

I felt sad leaving the house today. I was supposed to drop by again but I couldnt. Sometimes you can be so torn apart. Take this situation eg. His folks adores me, his brother thinks I am cool and his arms are wide opened for my return. But my feelings for him are drained. Sometimes memories leave a smile, sometimes they dont because you know.. they WERE a smile once :(

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