Saturday, March 18, 2006


So last night Paul and I watched 3 Chow Sing Chi's old flicks in a row till 430am! Then I spoke to Khalid on the phone for quite some time. It was fun talking to Khalid. That stupid boy :) Today woke up at 2pm and thats like sooooooo not me!

Took a stroll in IKEA with my groupmates after class yesterday. I wanted to get a new bed lamp because Ive been reading before I sleep. Thats if I go to bed and cant fall asleep. Their selection wasnt attractive, nothing special so I left empty handed but at MEGA.. I got a nice sequinned top from ZARA! Paul joined us later (had to come help carry the groceries what)

Its been pretty hard that no one sleeps in this apt. I blamed it on jetlag at first because UK is 3hours behind Russia but that doesnt explain it, really. No point me going to bed early because I just lie there, roll about, think useless stuff etc I dont like this disorder *cries* My eyes are puffy, I look haggard and definitely not-as-attractive!

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