Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Incredibles

A hungry man is an angry man. A full man is an unthoughtful man. In this case- 2 boys meaning somemore stupid! Sha and I didnt have food with them in the afternoon so when we suggested that we should get some stuff from Tesco, they said "No first needlahh", "Laterlahh" and one of them said something like "I am very full"!

Idiots LOL Sha's bf and my bf add up make a lousy workshop (not the sharpest tools, get it?! :P)

Before dinner, Khalid went down to Budgens with me to grab some microwavable stuff. Yummy! But Juls thought it wasnt nice for Aunt Jenny to come all the way and eat what we decided to so she took her out. It was my first time at Budgens actually. Khalid calls it the rip-off shop but he didnt mind this time. I grabbed some chocolates too. He is very generous when it comes to me and food and stuff I like. Kept telling and asking me to take whatever stuff etc

We had Thai Green Curry, Cheese Cauliflower and Sweet and Sour Chicken. Nick and Khalid ate too. I think Khalid's appetite must have gained since I came because he smoked less. Basically smoking suppresses one's appetite so its medically understandable. Still, I scooped him a bit too much rice so I finished his plate off in the end hehehee

Later, we watched The Incredibles. I forgot if I enjoyed the movie when I watched it back home on a pirated copy. We shisha-ed too. I couldnt help but penguin-slap Khalid the entire evening :) Hes soooo adorable. Oh well. Spending our last hours together can be saddening. Not like I was on a death row but close enough. We just chill-ed in Sasha's room, planning to stay awake LOL

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