Saturday, March 11, 2006

I Am Leaving

Khalid couldnt sleep last night. I dozed off pretty quickly but he kept teasing that I answered to King Julian XIII of Madagascar's "Move it!". I guess its gonna be harder for him when Im gone. Firstly the room will feel empty without me there- for sure. But hey! I might be back again before anyone knows it!

The Matador was off at ODEON. Khalid was pretty disappointed. He thought that we could watch another movie but only Chicken Little, Slevin and a horror flick were available. Instead we went to The Galleries hopeful to get a DVD. Guess what LOL It was futile. There was Nick, Sha, Khalid and I. Lines exchanged over the suggestion of DVDs were such as :

"Have you guys watched this? Its good"- waving the DVD
"So-so only. Not to say VERY interesting"- DVD back to shelf

Another fella exclaiming- "Ehhh this one is damn nice!"
Doubtful with the design of the cover- "Urrghh looks crappy"

"This one MUST be good. Got *names of Hollywood stars*"- hopeful
"Haiyaaa a bit the exlahh. New one thats why..."- kept on looking

Trying to be funny with a crap DVD- "Hehe I know you like this one"
Took a good look at it, snickering- "Hahahaha pleaselah!!"

Khalid and I would suddenly get distracted, just stood around hugging! Then I looked at my watch only to realise we have been undecided for nearly 45minutes! Hahahaaa so finally we settled for lunch at the Food Station. My sweet tooth pretty much rubbed off on Khalid. We went to Baskin Robbins for ice-cream and milk chocolate cookies! You one bite, I one bite *smiles*

ps. Khalid bought me a Brown Sugar teddy! He is adorable :)

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