Friday, March 03, 2006

Our Friend

Khalid brought me to lecture today! Attended Contract Law :P We took a First Bus to UWE, then rushed in before it started. On our way there along the corridors and all, I saw many of Sasha's classmates and they acknowledged me. Lots of them. I felt popular! LOL

Lecture was boring for him. Khalid is soooo adorable. He passed me a pen, a foolscap block and a copy of lecture notes. He was frustrated at the boring lecturer, dozed off and we escaped during break time. He introduced me to his best friend, Colin (a black girl from Virgin Islands) whos pretty sweet and Khalid told me she was really supportive about us being together :)

When we got home, we had dinner together in his flat's kitchen. He is sooooo sweet and caring. So patient but I guess thats pretty much a laid back Mauritian boy's attitude :) Sha and I couldnt stop making fun of "shut up my ace" hehehee

We ran off to Waterfront to pick Hian Foo up. Damn pleasant to see this dude again. Nothing changed about him, prolly looking more matured now. I introduced Khalid to him and when we got back to the flat, I casually answered to his previous question- "why did you come back to Bristol, somemore in such a short period?" I pointed at Khalid and we both smiled..

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