Monday, March 06, 2006

Gloucester Rd.

Khalid was sooo sweet to come along to Gloucester Rd. See how useless he is, to be outdoors is a big task for him! That place is lined with charity shops. Not that I didnt like the place but it felt like a slump area plus 2/5 shops are mostly closed. Sha and I laughed our ass off in the National Heart Foundation shop :P We wore the lamb hats on our heads, they were adorable!

Weather has been quite okay for the past couple of days. Thank God. Otherwise Khalid would haul ass to leave his room LOL Hian Foo's leaving tomorrow, can see hes upset about it and worry too about his studies. I know my day would be up in no time too :( I am crying already!

When we had enough of shopping, we headed back to the centre. Caught a 630pm show at ODEON hehehee "Lucky Number SLEVIN" which was at first quite shitty but its a nice movie actually. So romantic to munch tortillas with Khalid, dipped in nachos and salsa! So at least we got to catch a movie in the cinema like all couples do!

Hian Foo, Nick, Sha and I had Chinese dinner buffet at Riverside Restaurant around the corner of Favell House. Khalid went home since he was bloated from lunch. Juls joined us shortly. OMG. The menu had over 60 dishes to choose from, unlimited amount of times. Only condition is food should not go to waste. Yummy! I had plates of pork ribs!! King prawns were huge! I liked this better than Mayflower *drooling*

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