Tuesday, March 21, 2006

German Check

I didnt go for Surgery yesterday. My laziness saved me because no teacher came again! Later, Paul came home with a junior dude called Zee. Quite a chatty fella, lives on Leninsky Prospekt. He will be Paul's roommate in the hostel *prolly successful in moving*

I received an sms from Aron, saying that his Mum is in town and she wants to see me. I was surprised so I called his apt. Guess what, Gulja answered the phone! *gasp* Lucky still remember my rusty German! Well I missed her too. She asked me to come over right away, asking when would I and said I should come everyday!

For dinner, Paul and I brought Zee over to Reena Jason's. As usual *applause* Reena's dhal is simply the best! We had a good chat in the kitchen, Zee was shocked that we are such "cool" people LOL We didnt stay too long because Zee's flatmate is an Iranian and it was Iranian New Year (I wished Hosein, he was very touched)

So I gotta gear up, now doing some online English- German translation for tomorrow. I think many of his Mum's relatives are there. Actually I feel anxious! Seelahh ha.. what happens. Oohh got my Stomatology zacheot today. It was easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

ps. I spoke to Khalid and it was hilarious! I gave him the wrong country code. Poor boy tried to call for nearly half an hour :P

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