Saturday, March 25, 2006

Face It

Dinner was in the house yesterday. Gulja was still ill so we decided to stay indoors. After Surgery class ended, I came home and prepared Curry Kapitan Chicken with Potatoes. It was too spicy though hehehee Swati came. I havent seen her for 2 winters! Hosein, Iasonas and Rajiv came too. It was nostalgic to see the Butova Boys altogether :)

We tried to watch Underworld 2: Evolution. Too bad Iasonas was drunk, Swati and Rajiv had their own discussion about its prequel so I cant say I understood the movie. I knew that Gulja was observing me and her son the entire evening so subconsciously I kept a distance with him. Later in the kitchen, she said that I am different now and then. She noticed that both of us are pushing each other away. Her last attempt to me was the same line, "Come back to us but dont take too long" before going to bed *sighh* I put up a night in the apt but the rests ciao-ed to Iasonas' place.

Around 1pm, the taxi came and Gulja left to the airport. Aron became sick too so I stayed back for a while. I ran to the pharmacy for nasal drops, Aspirin and Strepsils since his mum finished them already. How do I say it. When I helped Aron with the medication, there was a pang of guilt inside like I left him alone. I guess its the apt which makes me feel this way. I know the past is the past and we are much, much better off this way. Being friends :)

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