Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cafe Latte

So back at our old spot. It was Praveen's birthday yesterday so V and Ritim had major beer and port wine mix party- explains the hangover. I had a chat with Mummy over the phone for 1/2hours so I didnt arrive at 530pm :P Reena and Jason also didntlahh but V was surprisingly there already *bravoooo!*

Finally I got to get rid of the box of Mars Delight, Lily O'Briens and Mr.Kipling! My god. I nearly took back the chocolate brownies for myself hehehee We caught up on a few things, whilst I was pigging out on the spaghetti, damn I was starving!! Hours passed one after another, until everyone's bladders extended. I went home with those 2 cartoons. Of course there was a reason like always!

I needed them to help print my Social Medicine assignment LOL Justin was in the house so we had a little chat, nothing much. Hes packed and sent his stuff to the hostel. As insomniacal as I am, I made so much jokes in bed till I realised other people need to sleep. I wished them Goodnight and grabbed Reena's book (its V's actually) entitled Everything Is Illuminated. Quite the humourous :)

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