Thursday, March 16, 2006

Brilliant Idea

I had a nice talk over at Reena's yesterday. Jason went to Pervomaiskaya hostel with Praveen for volleyball practice. Told her more detailed of my hols and the upcoming plan LOL You see, I have already spoken to Khalid about coming in April!

Khalid couldnt agree more about me coming. In fact he insists that I should! This silly boy called me at 3am plus the other night after checking his exam time-table online. His first paper will be on the 9 May (coincidentally his birthday, what a BIG present!) Not to say clash with my plan because I set dates from 27 April- 9 May. Just 2 days less :(

Anyway it will still be great! So right now, I guess the dates are moved to 28 April- 7 May instead. A 10-day holiday hehehee Khalid kept flooding messages of "Come, come, come" and "Yes, yes, yes". My best is a bit doubtful about this time because its smacked right on the exam dates but today I chat with her on MSN. She is alright now. Makes me happier because I really dont wanna distract no one especially during exam period!

I grilled a whole chicken today :) Dunno. Just felt like it until Paul asked if my friends were coming hehehee I am seriously not keeping very well at all *frowns* Its either the period or I gained weight/ never lost since Egypt. No help from Khalid too hehehe He said that he likes me this way and if I were to be any thinner, he wouldnt have been attracted to me!

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