Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back At Bristol

The journey was smooth. Soooo nice. Timing was fine. Passport controls were easy. The other passengers were polite. I smiled all the way. Ahhh how much I love UK! My bus to Bristol from Heathrow was actually at 8.40pm (an hour plus' wait) but there was a 7.30pm available so I hopped right on!

Sha, Juls, Ezlin and Khalid picked me up from Malborough Coach Station. These cartoons are hilarious LOL Whacking each other, the teasing, mean jokes etc Khalid couldnt believe I am back and throughout the walk back to Favell House, he repeated how glad he is that this happened. Me too :) You know what was funny hehehe It felt like I never left! I wore the same parka, same FCUK snickers, same style and I recognised the directions!

This time I checked into Khalid's room. Hmmm hes damn sweet I tell you. He introduced me to all his flatmates who were seated in the kitchen. The Spanish girls were delighted to see me. In fact everyone was because they knew how Khalid is into me- the Moscow girl LOL Upstairs on Sha's floor, they were having a flat meeting. Vicky and that Singaporean bitch still has internal fight going on *whatever. communal living*

Hian Foo is coming down on Friday from Sussex!! Shut Up My Ace!! :P Last time I saw of him was at Svenson's during class reunion 4 years ago. Chiew Seng is in University of Bristol which means, we are damn sure having a mini SSM gathering! Hmmm Flat 5.3 Room A is comfortable and to be in Khalid's arms again is wonderful. Feels too good to be true..

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