Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Age Gap

Julienne's aunt came to Bristol today. We saw her later in the evening after they returned from a short tour at Broadmead. Aunt Jenny :) Very nice lady, brought Pork Chops bags of foodstuff from Malaysia!

You see. I am a year older than Khalid. Today he had to make stupid jokes about how he likes older women *eg. ME* He teased about how matured and experienced they are, thats why hes attracted to me LOL Stupid boy! He makes me laugh alot though. He is just soooo cute! I have yet to dislike any weird characters of him. Key word- yet hehehee

I helped Pork Chop in the kitchen for dinner. She marinated most of the stuff, prepared the ingredients etc while Ezlin and I cooked them. There were Asam Rainbow Trout, Tomato Paste Chicken, Stir-fried Kai Lan and Fried Curry Chicken. Ohh and Herbal Soup! Khalid, as usual came in and disturbed everyone LOL Tonight we are gonna club *wink*

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