Thursday, March 09, 2006

Academy (R2)

No one is ever punctual. Supposed to leave Favell at 1045pm but we stepped out after 11pm and on top of that, Khalid and I returned to take my ISIC which I forgot. Hehehehe my bad. The last time we were at The Academy, we enjoyed it so we decided to pay another visit.

OCEANA's rep has gone down the drain. Julienne barfs when she hears that club. Plus its Thursday night, feels like ZOUK night meaning RnB calling! We reached there, surprisingly it wasnt too packed and guess what, strictly for students on a Student Night. Some fellas were turned away and Sha heard one guy said "Because we earn money, we arent allowed in".

Music was good. The other time we were here, it was an event night. In fact it was Sean Paul's The Trinity album promo. Nothing tonight except one, two black dudes performed live. Khalid was dancing with me most of the time *awww.. baby*

This was the embarassing part. I stood on a step higher than Khalid, overlooking his shoulder. We snuggled then I noticed this dude walked towards us, grinning at me. I thought WTF.. I am kissing my guy and youre gonna hit on me?? Turned out it was Renee the (cute) Dutch dude. Khalid acquainted us then Pearce jumped from behind. Oohh Effi was there too.

We didnt stay for long. Porks was bored and tired. Understandable. Sha was closed by Nick the whole time (prolly doesnt want him to feel left out with the music genre) then me and Khalid had enough of teasing Porks and Ezlin. Wrong timing though. It showered heavily, we were soaked!

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