Sunday, February 19, 2006

Viro's Early

Coffee sessions are always GREAT. Exchange of brilliant opinions, different views, personal updates, healthy humours, unnecessary rumours and a long list of shit we just yak about. Today was out of the norm because Jason, Reena and I arrived later than Viro! LOL

We were supposed to meet at 2pm. Jason morning-called Viro at 1230pm but her problem is that shes got big eyes, only no skills to read the time. We took our own sweet time and turned up at 4pm! She was seated at Cafe Latte already. Of course we were all shocked!

They told their fair share of stories in Madrid to me while I briefly filled Viro up about Khalid hehehee She is totally supportive of my return to Bristol. Ahh another vote! We came into conclusion that this winter holidays was a good outcome for all us. My mind was freed from hoping for the useless boy, Viro has gotten over Bavaa (looks like it) while Jason and Reena had a successful patch up!

Melvyn Edward joined us for a bit. Hes always conversational. Jason bought some DVDs and they promised to wait for me to watch. Before we left the building, we bought a lottery ticket. Each one of us paid 10pyb to cross out 5 numbers LOL Who knows right, we might win :P

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