Monday, February 20, 2006

The Tickets

So everything is settled. I went to Star Travel at M.Ohotnyei Ryd and collected the ugly e-tickets! Quek accompanied me but he aint too happy about it. In fact he looked rather pissed when we left the building. Not the anger kind of pissed but more like disappointment :(

I have a handful of friends supporting this crazy decision of mine to fly back to Bristol to see Khalid. Yeahh I can say Sasha, Juls and all are there but the main reason is to see him anyways. I dont know. I seriously dont know how to answer to Reena and Sasha's "So WHAT do you expect out of this?"

AIM to this 12-day trip : Have greeaaaaat fun knowing each other!

I cant wait! I have the air and bus tickets with me. Visa too. Can you believe I am gonna be there next Wednesday? Quek and I had Sbarro's Buffet for 199pyb which was brilliant because I picked a mountful of food on my plate, ate till I burst. So much for wanting to keep a strict diet and getting back my body. I came home to see the Stream back on, cooked dinner for Paul somemore (oohh I am such a great housemate!)

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