Friday, February 24, 2006

TGIF Today

What are the odds to lunch at TGIF on a Friday :P

I met up with Aron today. Supposed to meet at 2pm but that bugger had some plumber in his house fixing the toilet of all days so he showed up (damn apologetically) at 3pm! I waited altogether nearly 1hour 45minutes because I left the house early.

Business lunch was not available *grrrrr* I was starving. Ordered myself a BBQ Chicken Salad while Aron had a huge BBQ Burger. Its always good to see him. We spoke about movies and the usual stuff but not about my hols though. This time, I felt his eyes. He looked at me with admiration and I wasnt even sure if he was listening when I was talking!

We wanted to catch a movie at MDM Kino but there was nothing interesting. We could have gone to Dome Cinema which shows English movies but decided not to anyway. On our way down on the escalator.. he suddenly said "I kinda missed you" shyly. I made a funny face to cover my reaction.

Seriously. I didnt know what to say or how to respond to that statement BUT it was nice to hear :)

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