Sunday, February 26, 2006


It is damn silly to have class on a Sunday. I kept thinking today's a Monday. I started watching the long awaited series called Dr.House!! OMG. Its hilarious. Brilliant actor Hugh Laurie is and hes got such a pain-in-the-ass attitude :P

1 March is drawing closer and I am very excited. For some reasons I have some doubts once in a while. For example when I think about Therapy class and the zacheot day.. I kinda feel bad. But then I think pass it like the fun I will (definitely) have, it pretty much makes my blues away LOL

Im not planning to tell the other 4 groupmates about my sudden disappearance. I mean of course the 3 Musketeers know about it. Told them to cover up for me! Gonna pass Sunny or Victor my zacheotka for Radiology. I have already packed a little bit. Bought tobacco from PFU for Sasha since she said its finishing. We are soooo gonna shisha the nights away!

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