Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I left my hp in Quek’s room when we left for class on Monday morning. Paul is still not back yet so I went over to Reena and Jason’s last night. Dinner was yummy! Oh god. Ive been eating so much I think my diet schedule has to be put to hold for now :(

Quek and Sunny skipped Stomatology. Clever. Dr.Davidovna is so lazy and basically class was waste of time. The other professor was much more efficient. Quek returned my hp in Radiology :) Sunny said matter-o-factly it didn’t stop beeping from midnight onwards until Quek turned the hp off! LOL

I did get several St.Valentine’s greetings from my friends back home- Sebastian, Mervin, Melman, Anand *checking…* from Khalid, Leeds, Ivan, Sukhdev, Sunny, Quek and Paul. Lecture finished at 3pm. We were fickle about where to have lunch/dinner. We as in the S&A (Single and Availables) In the end, we went to TGI Friday’s at Frunzenskaya!

I enjoyed myself very much with Hwong, Douglas, Jan Jan, Lai Yee, Won Gee and Quek. Food was good plus 2x Electric Lemonade 800ml was even better! Unexpected alcohol consumption on a school day. In fact we acted like delinquents. Refused to go home too hehehee Too bad Russia aint Malaysia, we couldn’t do Karaoke!

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