Sunday, February 12, 2006

Stephen Chow

I stayed another night in Kahovskaya hostel. Too lazy to leave. Reena msg-ed me in the afternoon. Vv’s back in Moscow :) She asked if I was gonna come for coffee to prove my intelligence LOL You knowlahh what kind of cock issues we yak in cafes!

Quek fell ill. Poor boy. Sunny and Quek took a nap when I was up and around. I sleep in their room (like always) plus they joined both their single beds together, even better for me. I burned some Egypt pics from Yun Kin, watched Stephen Chow’s old (damn old) slapstick movies and they are damn hilarious! Cant believe his jokes are fucking cheesy LOL Ahhh those were the days :P

Min Guan cooked up dinner. It was really nice of him! I loved the Cheese Chicken Curry and Ginger Chicken with Potatoes. Mmmmm! Victor, Quek, Sunny, Cheeky Boy, Christabel, Min Guan and myself ate over another Stephen Chow’s movie. Nearly choked myself from laughing hehehee

ps. Khalid called me on the phone just like he said he would. Awww.. its soooo sweet to hear from that boy. Too bad my credit was low, we couldn’t talk for long

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