Friday, February 03, 2006

Sarah And Kids

OMG Today was bloody eventful. First we all got evacuated because the fire alarm was blaring. Nick and I were in the room. It was so bloody loud but Nick didnt budge so I thought nothing. Then Sha barged into the room, shouted that Vicky and her smelled smoke from the kitchen so memang somewhere was on fire!

It was very strange because it was on OUR floor. We went sniffing for smoke from room to room and it was coming from Jason's (the HK dude) room. He wasnt in so we rushed down to the warden on duty to inform her and minutes later, the whole building was evacuated, 3 firetrucks and an ambulance came. Big thing you know LOL We were all standing opposite the street. Some were dressed, some only in pyjamas etc

It was the extension that short-circuited and Jason's t-shirt somewhere nearby caught fire. Poor boy. An hour later, Sarah called to tell that shes around the corner. I was damn excitedlerr!! Hehehee she drove over in a Citroen C8 and all her kids we strapped on the backseats :) Soooooo adorable and well-behaved children!

We went to Park Street and had Nando's for lunch. Bryony, Jenna and her twins, Rhianna and Euan are the sweetest children ever. Ian (her fiance) didnt come because he had to work. Sarah and I caught up for a bit, chat about the years of letter-writing hehehee It was wonderful. Shes an excellent mother. The way she parents them- salute! The 5th one is due soon. Hmmm finally we met and I am sure we will meet again, prolly when the kids are much older :)

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