Monday, February 06, 2006

The Refugees

Reena and Jason's sling bag was stolen at the airport. They lost their visa and air tickets :( So pretty much stranded in France. They called me up, needed me to fax the letters to prove that theyre students studying in Russia otherwise the Russian Consulate of France wouldnt issue them a new one!

Haiyooo their holidays extra eventful. I woke up and dashed to Pharma Ex right away. Hopefully they received it and will be back in no time! Class starts tomorrow only. Oohh Paul msg-ed me. That bugger coming back on 14th Feb!! If only I knew.. if only. Even Hwong isnt back yet. Argghhh. Should have stayed longer in Bristol. But fucklahh. No point moaning about it now hehehe I can always return in March *fingers crossed*

Its pretty empty in the apt. The kitchen light is fused, I am too lazy to change it plus I havent done grocery shopping but actually I just dont plan to cook anytime soon! At least let me lose a few kgs first hehehee Bloody fat, I feel!! >(

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