Friday, February 17, 2006

Pros And Cons

YES!! I have decided to fly off to Bristol and the dates are from 1-12 March 2006! I know, I know. This is already "ponteng class to a higher level". No shit. Why those dates? Thats because I am not even gonna stay for zacheot for Therapy, Stomatology and Radiology. Nothing will happen, just gonna be a bit of a running rat when I return :P

Of course I have weighed the pros and cons. Firstly, its not an everyday thing to do something mad like this. Put studies asidelahh, like study mood has kicked into anyone's head. Why would they (those who are against my decision) care? They miss class for no apparent reason. Either played games till morning or just refuse to get up from bed! At least I am going to see someone I really, really like and its mutual :)

Speaking of which, my air ticket is even paid for. Awww.. aint that boy lovely! Well he said I seem to be going through lots of trouble just to fly over, so thats the least he could do. I spent the whole of last night discussing proper plans with him! Next week I shall be getting the tickets *thumbs up!*

Ahhh Im gonna spend the weekend at Jason and Reena's. My groupmates asked me to go over to their Kahovskaya hostel for brunch on Sunday. I took a pass on this one. I wanna meet up with Vv and exchange hols stories with her! The other day at Dean's Office, I bumped into her and Azie but we only yakked for a bit. She wants to hear the full story LOL

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