Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Paul's Home

Hahahaha to be honest I have never missed Paul this much around the house! OMG. Since the day I landed I expected to see the bugger but only to receive an sms from him saying hes coming home only on 15th Feb >(

Then he said he was coming back today at 930am. Nicely I wrote a Welcome Home note and pasted it on the corridor, then when I returned early from class.. he wasnt even home yet! But he did when I was in the middle of a nap hehehee Ahhh Paulie Boy *smiles* He brought me the stuff I requested, developed pictures and a lot of stuff to cook. His mum baked CNY cookies which are like sooooo yummy!

We didnt have dinner together. He ciao-ed to the hostel whereas I left for Jason and Reena's for dinner and put up a night there. Didnt really have the time to catch up with him because I was busy filling my pocket album with pictures of St.Petersburg (ahhh such fond memories) Finally hes home and he can fix the fused kitchen lamp LOL

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