Saturday, February 04, 2006


Finally my best brought me to the most happening club in Bristol. Khalid came too! Sha encouraged me to invite him along but when I asked, he said was tired, just gave me a farewell hug. Sha frowned, told me to ask again. I went, told him to come since its my last night here. Cheeky fella made me kiss him on both cheeks then jumped up to change!

The club is quite the impressive. I love its interior, purple-ish. Surprisingly the same bouncer didnt cari pasal with us this time. Maybe because Vicky wasnt there this time. Juls was stopped for a bit though. Nick, Sha, Ezlin, Juls, Khalid and I charged up onto the RnB floor. Music was good. The building consists of a few floors, with different themes. Guys looked very handsome there, its obligated for them to wear shirts and proper shoes. Nick wore double, Khalid wore a white shirt hehehee

Ventilation was horrible. I was sweating after half an hour of moves. A group of Brit girls came in army uniform with camou lines on their faces. Some nurses too. Since our table was near the entrance, we could check out these weirdos. I love Sha's top I wore that night. Lucky me and my best can share clothes! Juls was very "free". We all teased Nick when he shuffled! :P

I danced with Khalid *wink* Nick dared him to dance with me, hold my hand etc Cant believe Nick did that! Told Sha that Khalid likes me because he is VERY shy. In fact Sha told me to go for it too! I was tempted to kiss him (I felt so was he) and at the rate we were going, it was irresistable to hold back. He complimented that I can dance very well. Nothing happened anyway. Sha hinted that we could leave early, go back, shisha till I leave for the coach station. I said Okay :)

Of course. I enjoyed myself very much. We did leave the place early. By 1230am we were back in Favell House. So sad that I gotta leave in a few hours time! *cries*

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