Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Missed Class

Ohh god.. only the 2nd day and I already ponteng-ed Therapy LOL Actually it aint my fault. Firstly, the jetlag is causing me insomnia. Secondly, Khalid called me on the phone last night/morning and we yakked for quite a while!

Ahhh that boy is soooo sweet. Khalid, Khalid.

But I still went out after I got up from bed. Went to Dekanat to turn in Victor's zacheotka, got mine signed and then dropped by Hygiene Dept. to check if our teacher was there but the stupid department is always empty. Damn cold and bloody freezing on the streets *cries* Somemore Khalid refuses to come here. Not like I want him to come anyways. He will die in this temp LOL

Ivan and I met up. He intro-ed his friend, Dimitri to us. Later Justin joined us for dinner at Mirage, PFU. Hmmmm I had my first shauma and it was actually tasty :P We didnt stay too long, left to grab my stuff from the apt and headed to Justin's for a night. It was good because I got to online hehehee Chat with Khalid and that was sooooo fun!

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