Friday, February 03, 2006

Funny Chap

I am sooo tired. Just now as I was coming to Nick's room to take a nap, I walked passed the kitchen and guess who I saw?? That same dude who opened the main door for me the other night :)

Usually I dont wear spectacles when I go downstairs to sleep. Last night I rang the buzzer, one tall dark dude greeted me then awkwardly asked "Youre looking for Nicholas, right?" I was tongue-tied, only uttered "Uhhh yeah". Haiyoooo lost my cool there! Anyway Nick said that was Khalid. So THATS Khalid. Sha had mentioned him before.

So this time, I decided to have a chat with him! That also I pretended to go into the bathroom first (he gave a little wave) then only I casually strolled into the kitchen LOL He was having kebab which coincidentally I had some after clubbing last night so we spoke about it heehehe Also from Kebab-U-Like. I noticed that he had a piece of cabbage on his face, yet I didnt know how to break it out to him :P Then intro-ed a little bit, I told him I was visiting Sasha, went to Egypt with Juls and he speaks good English. From Mauritius. Not bad, not bad at all!

I told him I had a nice day, just got back from meeting my pen-pal of 9years, told him about her kids, we spoke about today's "fire" at Flat 6.5 and then Julian the French dude came in. Ahhh hes also another dude I hear about but never had a proper conversation. Of course, I already saw him twice only in his boxers!

Khalid and Julian spoke in French (they excused themselves, translated for me- polite!) about cigarettes. Julian joined in on our conversation. Made some lame jokes. Julian talked about France, Khalid spoked about Mauritius. I find Khalid quite the cute! I was disappointed when he just packed his stuff, said he gotta go do his stuff and left :( I will pounce on him soon enough!

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