Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Fuck Jetlag

I cant sleep :( Last night managed to doze off at 4am then this morning woke up at 730am for class! Hmmm Stomatology is pretty interesting. Our dentist professor is a nice old man hehehee

It was good to see my groupmates again especially Quek who didnt change group. Victor is soooo tanned! Hes still got his (faded) phoenix henna on the arm. Actually I could have kept mine but when I shower.. I brush them off. Looks damn dirty. When everyone was telling their fair share of holidays, I just couldnt stop telling about Egypt and how much I love the chocolates in UK!

Since now I dont have Internet in the apt (well.. dont even have a laptop to begin with) I have to come to TimeOnline. Ivan took me to Trattoria, an Italian restaurant at M. Krasnyei Varota for dinner a while ago. I learned my lesson. Never take the menu when I am hungry! I ordered so much food, they came, I ate till bloated yet there were still leftovers! *damn embarassing*

Ivan ordered a cheese fondue set, pizza while I had a huge plate of extremely cheesy spaghetti and focaccia bread. This place really serves authentic Italian food. We were the youngest, sloppiest-looking customers LOL The rests were adults dressed in formal evening wear, corporate folks but hey, as long as you clear the bill and tip.. everyone is welcomed :)

ps. Ivan had to sit through my holiday stories and Khalid LOL

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