Friday, February 10, 2006

Farewell Ivan

I came home after Therapy class and slept for hours. OMG. Didn’t hear sms come in. Didn’t hear the phone ring even. Justin’s call woke me up though around 5pm. Asked me to come makan at PFU for Ivan. He’s going back to Czech tomorrow so I said ok!

I packed my stuff to put up a night in the hostel tomorrow Hehehee some big cookout for Chap Goh Meh. When I walked into Picasso restaurant, I saw Wishnu and Kai Yen! Great seeing them again! Justin was munching on his food already while I had trouble ordering mine. Usually I have the Curry Chicken Rice but this time it was Cordon-Bleu. We exchanged stories over the table, it was pleasant :)

Ivan was all smiles when he took his seat. We had shisha (not too good though) plus a couple of drinks. They should be thanking me that I came. At least a female is around. Can make fun of me somemore. Bastards! So we moved on to InterClub for better shisha. Oohhh much better! In the midst of taking a puff, I sms-ed Paul hehehe Told him to bring back the shisha to Moscow!

About 12am it was closing time so we all had to leave. Nearly proceeded to Pushkin disco but Ivan’s train is in the morning so we called it a night. We shall see Ivan again next year in Malaysia or something like we are going to Czech to see him? LOL

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