Saturday, February 25, 2006

Donnie Yen

Foooyooo. Donnie Yen is SO hot! Some men are more handsome as they age. I watched SPL late afternoon. Impressive HK drama co-starring Sammo Hung and Simon Yam. I aint much of a HK movie enthusiast but I must say this one -> *thumbs up!!*

I have been chatting with Khalid over MSN and webcam broadcast. Its sooooo much fun seeing him. He hasnt shaved since I left Bristol so he pretty much looks like a terrorist LOL He makes me laugh. I like everything about him so far. Hes an honest boy, very brave to be mean, got an attitude and some bitterness.

I am counting the days and so is Khalid *except that he sucks at Maths because few days have passed and he still says 5 more days to go*

Jason and Reena was over for dinner. Justin came too but he didnt have a plate, too bloated from the Chinese food in Ismailovskii Park. Paul went to QC on the basketball election so it was pretty much just the 3 of us in the end. We watched Kung Fu Mahjong 2 which was ridiculously funny. Too bad towards the end the disc decided to jump and get all sticky *sighhh*

Khalid called me on the house phone at the right time though. He yakked for a little bit and then I told him to start the webcam so I could introduce him to Jason and Reena. He said Jason's hairstyle is cool. Khalid is soooooo cute :) I cant wait to see him!! Shit, tomorrow got class >(

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