Sunday, February 05, 2006

Damn -25C

OMG I am back in Moscow. You know I am so destined not to come back LOL These cartoons didnt jinx hard enough. We got to Marlborough Bus Station late, I panicked and confused which bus I was supposed to get on. My printed ticket states Bristol-London but I kept asking for the bus which goes to Heathrow!

Ngam-ngam there were 2 buses parked there. One to London (mine actually) and one more to Heathrow directly. You see, the online ticket directly to Heathrow cost 30pounds so I though with 3pound ticket to London, then another 5pound ticket with the Underground would cost me a whole damn lot. But I guess I got lucky. Missing my London bus got me directly to Heathrow for the same price, except that the driver charged me extra 5pounds. Khalid paid for me anyway :)

Nearly missed my flight too! I overslept at the waiting hall to board the plane after they announced that the gate was opened. OMG. It was pretty considering the hall was nearly empty when I opened my eyes and the plane took off 5mins after I buckled my seatbelt! Hehehehe if only.. if only I knew :P

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