Saturday, February 11, 2006

Chap Goh Meh

I celebrated the 15th day of CNY with my groupmates this year. Victor and all organised a potluck party in the hostel. I slept the whole day before going there. I bunked with Jason and Reena last night. They had class in the morning so I continued sleeping. Pig :8

I was supposed to show up at 4pm (help out in the kitchen, prepare stuff etc) but I arrived much later. Firstly because of my sweet slumber and secondly I was waiting for Justin who was waiting for Ivan. That bugger’s still around! He mistook the time of his departure, at night instead of morning! So he came over to the hostel, enjoyed dinner and exchanged bye-byes and all (again hehehe)

After the superb dinner, the fellas started shifting tables for mahjong in Room 225 (Christabel’s) and Room 220 (Min Guan’s) for poker! Quek sponsored me his box of kopeeks but unfortunately my beginner’s luck lost nearly half of it. Walked about, snacked up CNY cookies they brought from home, yakked etc Quek felt pretty sorry for me because he assumed that I was bored but I wasn’t!

I found some DVDs hehehee Tried to watch Kingdom of Heaven but Sunny’s laptop couldn’t run it so I took The Brothers Grimm and watched it on Victor’s computer. The movie is soooo nice! I hung around a bit more and went to bed. These dudes gambled till nearly 8am!

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