Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Favell House is so close to everywhere! All we need is a pair of good legs and clothes warm enough to brave the cold. Juls, Ezlin and Sha brought me to Park Street and Waterfront today. It was useless to shop anymore because sales are gone. Oh well *frowns*

But guess what! I bought a nice bracelet watch from Animal. They tell me its a UK brand, on par with Quiksilver and all. Damn nice! My bloody Swatch dropped somewhere in Reena's house before my flight to London and she couldnt find it so it remains a mystery. I bought that watch in 2001 so its fair to replace *wink*

Sha is not feeling too well but you know she has to partake in bringing her best everywhere. We had lunch a Chinese restaurant called Beijing Bistro. Quite the yums. So far I havent had Fish and Chips, the authentic English dish (so I was told). We have been having square meals in the kitchen so I aint complaining one bit :)

There are sooooooo many good-looking guys.. *drools*
ps. you can clearly see ive become VERY round :P

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