Sunday, February 05, 2006


I took my shower, freshened up and rushed downstairs to see Khalid :)

Ezlin, Julian and Khalid were yakking in the kitchen. When I walked in, he smiled at my England jersey which he has one too. He only lets me say that the 1-inch collar is "cute" on me but "nice" on him. Stupid fella. I was very excited for he is such a nice guy and it feels that our liking for each other is mutual!

We spent the remaining hours back in his room. No shisha :P Everything was in a hurry. The time was. One hour after another passed just like that. Khalid kept asking "Must you really go?" and "Do you REALLY need to go?" like a broken recorder LOL I wish I could! We blamed each other for not meeting each other earlier, like why didnt I knock on his door for a chat (thats ridiculouslahh) but yeahh I could have spoken to him after the night he opened the door for me!

His hugs felt so right. Oohh why, why? All these couldnt have happened if I hadnt came back and asked him to come to OCEANA with us the second time! See what a twist of fate could do to you. In a way its good to know that we like each other so much and in my mind, I was already planning like when the hell can I come back to Bristol!

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