Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bath = Mandi

Ezlin and I took a ride down to Bath early in the morning. Juls kept on saying I should go and Vicky insisted that I am here, cannot dont go so off we went. Sha stayed back because she didnt feel too well or was it need to do work (but ended up as a delinquent, just read story books and munched chips- ha!)

Bath is beautiful. I didnt go into the Roman Bath House though. It cost 8.50pound to go in and the sign said prepare minimum an hour 1/2 in there, so I didnt bother. We headed to the Abbey then. Ohh that holy building is beautiful. The priest was very friendly to us too. Ezlin snapped pictures all over town for me. Quite the nice. We walked around aimlessly but since she was here before, she was somewhat of a tour guidelahh. Shopping was a shame because nothing seemed to be on sale :( Although I managed to get a top from a charity shop and Just Pink perfume from NEXT!!

Oohh we had thick, thick hot chocolate at Cadbury's Cocoahouse! OMG. It was soooo yummy LOL Great atmosphere too. Sha wanted us to be back early so we could walk around Bristol more later so that was all in Bath. I know I only thoroughly spent a day (half a day actually) but it was good enough hehehee

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