Friday, February 03, 2006

Baja Club

We were supposed to patronise OCEANA but the bloody fat bouncer was bitchy to us. Asked for student card but when we flashed our ISIC, he said it wasnt accepted. Needed to see our passports or driving licence so we got the fuck out of there. Sha and Juls were pissed because it was unfair since they always got in but tonight they cari pasal for no reason *shrugs*

So off we went, indecisive of which alternative. I heard places like Yia Mas, Works but surprisingly Romeo Browns wasnt mentioned hehehee We passed by this new club called Baja (pronounced as Ba-ha) It used to be Evolution, they told melahh. We read the poster which says its a Student Night tonight with RnB music and we just gave it a try!

We had a great time dancing. Vicky was being harassed the whole night by one of the hoodie dude hehehee Poor girl. Nick still didnt get to shuffle. No trance music what. He seriously should take up some moves from Sha! They bought this VK cocktail which taste good actually. I really like the Vodka Redbull from last night at The Academy :)

Since last night we were busy dancing (and watching was what going on the stage) I didnt get to observe UK clubbers. This club has got proper couches so I sat back and seriously, got some culture shock. Firstly I had to get over the fact that the girls club in themes. As in a group of them will come with angel wings, commando suits, sportswear, kinky uniformed professionals and the list goes on. Weirdos. A lot of weirdos! A blonde chick was walking around in her lacy underwear towards ending. Surprisingly no one I saw hit on her (Sha said "Its very common and people know that shes a slut so no one cares")

You know how sometimes on TV or cartoons, toilet papers stuck at the heels of the girl when she struts out of the toilet? It really happens!! Our couch were close to the loo so we get to see all kinds of people walking in and out of them. Doesnt happen in Malaysia because toilet paper is flushed down. I mean I have never seen it but hell, England sure opened my eyes!

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