Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Academy

I was worried about not being able to meet Sarah, my teenhood pen-pal for 9 years when she sms-ed to say that she was hospitalised yesterday for sudden contractions of labour. I wanted to rush down to Basingstoke but return bus ticket cost 47.50pounds :(

Lucikly she called and told me she was discharged and would drive down tomorrow for me! I was a bit hesitant at first because I said it could be dangerous for her but she insisted so it was decided so. Shops at Broadmead were closed by then so we only went to TESCO for dinner's groceries. Sha cooked us fried spaghetti (salmon for Juls and herself) but Nick and I had shrimps LOL

Li Hoong called to tell that Amir is around, asked us to go to The Academy since it was RnB student night. Wooohooo! Like I said, Sha's place is smacked in the city so everywhere was walking distance. We got there and I like that place actually. Packed with whites, blacks and asians. Finally met Jason Teoh (cute but short) Sha, Juls, Ezlin, Nick and I didnt bother much about their group, just layan-layan once in a while.

There was a stage where breakdancers were giving free show. Different from the clubs we usually go to. They were promoting on Sean Paul's album The Trinity so freebies were given away if we were by the stage. Lucky for us because that was our spot. I am so catchy LOL So I got a CD, tobacco paper and a t-shirt! Well I requested for the shirt actually- told the dude "I want the T-shirt, baby" and he told me to stay right there. Passed it to me in 5mins :P

Music was good. Jason Teoh was passing booze to everyone and he came up to me with a full glass. Said something like I am from Russian, home of vodka so this is nothing, made me gulp down in one go hehehee And tomorrow night Bristol's current hot joint- Oceana!

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