Saturday, February 04, 2006


We took a last stroll around Broadmead but I seriously have no interest in shopping anymore. The discount posters are still on the windows and we willingly walked when we know its not true! Hehehee Vicky gathered all of us for Yee Sang tonight, Sha and I cooked damn delicious Curry Chicken! *dynamic duo*

Last night after Baja, we werent doing much so I left for Nick's room. Reading a lame joke book. Suddenly there was a knock on the door- it was Khalid! He said Nick msg-ed him saying that I wanted to watch a movie or something so he came in to check but I think he just wanted to check me out! hehehe I went over to his room but how to watch movie when I am blind before bedtime?

I chat with Khalid till 6am. He needed to sleep and I pretty much refused to leave the room even though shopping was supposed to be early today hehehe We clicked and I enjoyed his company BIG time! Its a shame that we got to know each other in such a short time. Julian dropped by once in a while too, asked me to watch them play rugby today but we didnt go in the end anyways *sighh*

Oohh back to Khalid. Well I told him about my life in Russia while he promoted his island-home, his life since England, then we spoke about ourselves and basically topics were a free flow. I like him. He is very cute! I found it hilarious when he said about winter in England. He said "I came back here, I felt cold. I was cold not on the outside but on the inside" OMG. This is one killer line LOL He kept asking me if I really, really have to go and then begged me not to go! Even Sha wasnt that desperate! :)

Today's dinner preparation was the most efficient ever! We shopped everything we needed from TESCO, came home and cooked right away. We rushed downstairs into Nick's room and shisha-ed hehehee Khalid, Nick, Sha and I got high on mango-flavoured tobacco! It was fun. Daniel (Vicky's bf) came over too. That fella and his slacker attitude, makes me feel uncomfortable when he stares at me. Sha said he's just got poor eyesight plus refused to wear spectacles. So its gonna be OCEANA tonight! Last call!

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