Thursday, February 23, 2006

3-Day Break

Its Army Day today (some Russian holiday to commemerate the males) Somewhat an extended weekend but we have class on Sunday. Yeahhh, on a Sunday. Anyway I was at Jason and Reena's last night, watched The Fog and Final Destination 3 this morning. Lousy thrillers!

Paul will sit for his TopoAnatomy re-examination on the day I fly! He is trying to study and I hope at least something gets into his head! Of late M1 and M2 tend to be very strict with the Malaysian students. I forgot to mention that Jeremiah and Isaac are kicked out of MMA. These 2 boys are nice but academically they screwed up big time with lower-than-excusable attendance and pending exam debts. Ohh well *sighh*

Not that I am worried about my 12-day getaway LOL I have already mentioned it to Lydia aka Vice-Dean and Marina acknowledged it. I mean Rajiv is taking a week off as well to attend his cousin's wedding which costs RM1,000,000 and when I return, Sunny is flying off to UK for a week plus to attend his sister's graduation :) See. I aint the only one who's missing class!

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