Tuesday, January 31, 2006

University Of WE

Sha brought me to class today! We took a 1pound per trip UWE bus opposite Favell House (where her apartment is) University of West of England is huge. Somewhat old looking but better than MMA's departments which are scattered all over Moscow!

Ooohh of course good-looking guys were aplenty :) Yummy! Thats why I dread my return to the land of ugly Russians. Sha introduced me to most of her classmates. Sat through International Trade lecture until 1230pm. Lepak-ed at the student's bar called Escape. They actually sell alcohol and even have slot machines *eye-opener* They were planning on club nights and venue to show me around LOL

Juls rented house is only 15minutes so we went over for lunch hehehee Pork Chop cooked Maggi mee (Asam Laksa flavour) for me and Sha. We dropped by the mall which is down the road. I must say both Sha and Juls' location are very strategic. Everywhere is just a stone throw away. Sha and I headed back for Intellectual Property Law till 530pm. Actually their lectures are somewhat like us- clueless and students dont ask questions :P

ps Dinner was awesome! Pork Chop boiled herbal soup, I cooked Ginger Chicken while Nick made his yummy Chilli Cabbage and fried eggs for extra. We watched The Chronicles of Narnia (finally) over the table hehehee

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